Microsoft: 5 reasons to move your enterprise to a collaboration suite (ebook)

Microsoft: 5 reasons to move your enterprise to a collaboration suite (ebook)

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According to a Forrester report on the cost savings of collaborative solutions, once companies adopt collaboration software, mobile employees can save about one hour per day after three years of implementation.

According to a new ebook from Microsoft, that time savings and access to information and collaboration anywhere, at any time, is among the top five reasons that companies adopt collaborative platforms like Microsoft SharePoint.

The ebook, entitled “5 reasons to move your enterprise to a collaboration suite” explores the five main reasons to explore collaborative tools like SharePoint, including:

  1. Saved time and increased productivity
  2. Lower costs and less complexity
  3. End-to-end security compliance
  4. Scaling at your pace
  5. Control over the back end

If your company relies on Microsoft SharePoint to share data and documents, collaborate on projects and manage your day-to-day business, you can take your investment in ecollaboiration to the next level with a digital transformation platform like docAlpha from Artsyl Technologies.

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Artsyl Technologies provides a platform for digital transformation that can radically boost the ROI of your existing technology investments like ERP systems, ECM systems and collaboration platforms by intelligently extracting data from business documents and unstructured content, and automating the handling of documents and delivering or process-related data.

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