Mega Group, Inc. Case Study

Mega Group, Inc. Case Study

Mega Group, Inc. Delivers Mega-Efficient Supplier Invoice Processing with docAlpha and Dynamics AX

Mega Group, Inc. provides services to its membership of over 800 home goods retailers to stimulate growth and promote success. One valuable service that Mega Group offers to its members is support for supplier invoice processing—which amounts to 600,000 transactions annually across 450 suppliers. Of those transactions, most are handled via EDI, but a significant number (150,000) are processed manually.

Manually processing invoices not only increased the time, effort and cost for each transaction—it also increased errors and limited the amount of invoice detail the company had the capacity to enter into their Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system.

“Our merchandisers rely on purchase data regularly and monitor the volumes and the products to make sure that we can obtain rebates from suppliers that are passed on to our vendors,” said David Slaney, Director of Operations at Mega Group.

As a result, Mega Group wanted a way to efficiently streamline the handling of invoices and capture more detailed line item data, while reducing the overall error rate.

Automating Data Entry and Document Handling

To control costs, reduce errors and achieve greater visibility to the data and decisions underlying so many transactions, Mega Group decided on an automated approach—one that was centered on implementing the docAlpha digital transformation platform from Artsyl Technologies.

By relying on docAlpha to intelligently extract header and line-item details from supplier invoices, Mega Group successfully reduced invoice processing time by 25% while significantly expanding the data and insight gained from those documents.

Learn more about how Mega Group gets more value from their Dynamics AX ERP, reduces invoice cycle times and error rates and increases their visibility to key purchases here.


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