HIMSS Conference Highlights

HIMSS Conference Highlights

A Preview for Attendees of HIMSS 2020

The Artsyl Technologies team will be in attendance at HIMSS 2020 in Orlando, meeting with prospective partners and customer to explore intelligent process automation solutions for revenue cycle management to accelerate cash flow, support compliance and deliver a better patient experience.

Whether you’re planning to attend this March — or, have decided to take a pass on this year’s event, now is a great time to catch up on the latest technologies and best practices when it comes to automating routine processes.

Here is a quick preview of systems and practices that can help healthcare professionals focus more resources on the patient experience and less on labor-intensive tasks that get bogged down by manual data entry, document handling and red tape.

To register for HIMSS 2020, visit the HIMSS Web site at www.himssconference.org

Go Digital and Embrace Process Intelligence to Empower Process Owners

When it comes to processing medical claims, healthcare providers have more options that ever to streamline their process and apply automation in ways that is flexible, adaptable and cost effective.

Intelligent process automation solutions like Artyl’s ClaimAction take the pain out of medical claim processing by off-loading document sorting/filing, data entry and error checking, so that providers can:

  • Deliver access to patient records and financial information in a more timely fashion by converting scanned paper and digital documents into relevant data
  • Achieve greater control over processes by providing reporting dashboards and the ability to monitor and optimize KPIs for claims processing, supplier invoice processing and more
  • Optimize costs and boost productivity to deliver a return on investment within the first year of deployment
  • Derive more value from existing medical claims processing, AR, AR and other business systems

Explore your Best Options — online or Onsite

Make the MOST of your visit to Orlando for HIMSS and consult an Artsyl representative BEFORE you go.

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