2018 Report: The State of Payables in North America

2018 Report: The State of Payables in North America

Levvel Research, a research and advisory firm that provides educational, and actionable content on technology transformation trends, tools, and best practices, has re-issued its Artsyl-sponsored 2018 report on the State of Payables in North America—providing companies heading into the new year with some insights to help plan for the future of automated back office processes.

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Benchmark your AP Process and Chart a Course for the Future

When it comes to automating the payables process (including accounts payable and payments processing) a lot of organizations are aware of and on board with the value of payables management technology. However, automation doesn’t come without it’s challenges—particularly during the early planning and implementation stages that often can define success or lead to failure.

With so many options available today when it comes to back-office automation, identifying the right systems, technologies tools and implementation partners can be overwhelming.

That said, relatively speaking, automation for processes like AP vendor invoice management is more accessible, affordable and flexible than ever before. With code-free solutions that rely on machine learning and robotic process automation, today’s AP automation solution deliver cost savings, reduced cycle times, and better process control, delivered more quickly and easily than ever.

To help companies overcome internal barriers to entry, Levvel Research highlights trends in procure to pay automation solutions along with perspectives from industry leaders, including a set of benchmarks against which firms can assess their own current state.

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Improving Working Capital and Leveraging Electronic Payments

Report Highlights Include:

  • AP Automation Benchmarks from North American Firms
  • An Overview of Key AP Automation Features and Functions
  • KPIs and Metrics to Set Expectations and Measure ROI
  • A Survey of Payables Automation Solutions
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