Intelligent Data Capture and ERP Systems

Intelligent Data Capture and ERP Systems

Elevating ROI for Data-Driven Processes

Today, as companies increasingly get on board with the idea of digital transformation and process automation, the need for solutions to eliminate the keyboard and mouse as bottlenecks is clearer than ever. Whether companies choose to migrate to next generation cloud ERP systems, or continue to invest in ways to get value from legacy ERPs, the need for intelligent document capture to transform unstructured data into something these systems can manage has never been greater.

From Account Systems to Enterprise Resource Planning and Beyond

Over the past couple of decades, as accounting systems matured and were promoted to become ‘enterprise content management systems,’ companies went from trying to manage their business data to more effectively managing their business processes.

In that context, leveraging the system designed to manage a company’s data, across the organization, made perfect sense. Except when it didn’t—because the system was NOT well designed to handle unstructured data.

As the world has migrated to the Cloud and mobile technologies have become common, an explosion in the volume and velocity of data has occured—and most of that data is NOT the kind that ERP systems are well equipped to handle. Unstructured data, in the form of emails, texts, audio, video and digital documents, has eclipsed the structured data, creating both opportunities and challenges for companies when it comes to gaining business insights and automating routine processes.

In some cases, companies have turned to enterprise content management systems to tackle the problem of managing these kinds of unstructured data—often in a way that integrates those systems with their ERP.

The problem, however, whether we’re talking about structure data or semi-structured documents, is that they traditionally require a human operator behind a keyboard to do the heavy lifting.

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Enter Intelligent Data Capture

In our experience at Artsyl, working with our ERP and ECM OEM partners, we often see a sales engineer give an amazing demonstration to show how these systems can support their business processes with automated workflow, notifications and reporting.

At the end of those demos, one question that gets asked with increasing regularity is, “So do we HAVE to manually type in (or, God forbid, re-type) information for a given form/field/record?”

The correct answer is that they do NOT—with the right solution in place.

The docAlpha transformation platform intelligently extracts data from unstructured documents and cross-referenced structured data sources like ERP systems to validate that information. That data is then used to create ERP system transaction, either directly from docAlpha, or through an integrated enterprise content system.

We understand that at the end of the day, however information flows through an organization, and whether or not that data is structured or unstructured, it ALL serves the same ends.

To learn more about how business transformation platforms like Artsyl’s docAlpha transforms both structured and unstructured data into information and automates business processes, contact your Artsyl account executive.


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