Intacct VAR Partner Webinar:
Digital Transformation & Machine Learning Opportunities
Date: Thurs, July 19, 2018 | Time: 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET
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Intacct Partner Webinar: The Process Automation and Intelligent Capture Opportunity

Intacct VARs are invited to join with the Artsyl team online Thurs, July 19 at 11 PT/2 ET for an informative session focused on the huge opportunity that machine learning-driven intelligent capture and process automation presents for Intacct customers. Learn how you can empower them to boost performance, productivity and ROI by automating data entry, document handing and coding/approvals invoices, orders and more.

Engage with your customers and prospects to explore opportunities for AI and Machine Learning

Both Sage and Intacct have announced their own strategies to deliver on the promise of artificial intelligence and machine learning to elevate the value and ROI for ERP system investments. Sage promises a “Cloud-enabled AI Revolution.” Artsyl delivers on the promise of that revolution, today.

“In 2016, less than half of accounting software users were in the cloud – a number we expect to increase this year,” said Nancy Harris, Executive Vice President, Sage North America. “Today’s announcement highlights our commitment to innovation and supporting the future needs of business builders. As we continue to anticipate what’s next in this industry, we look forward to expanding our smart solutions to business owners in North America based on our growing expertise in AI.”

Integrating Artsyl’s docAlpha Transformation Platform with Intacct delivers machine learning-powered, intelligent extraction of data from business documents to power workflow automation and Intacct ERP transaction entry, without the inefficiency of manual keystrokes.

By relying on machine learning technology, the docAlpha Transformation Platform can classify and intelligently extract data from ANY business document, learning and adapting as it is exposed to new documents and formats. The result is a REAL WORLD, practical application of machine learning that reduces the effort and complexity of extracting valid information from business documents to drive workflow automation.

NOW is the time to get ahead of 2019 budget planning—and build your Q1 pipeline!

Summer is going to slip by and the next opportunity to engage with customers and prospects will be when they begin their technology budget planning in August-October of 2018.

NOW is the time for Intacct VARs to gain a better understanding about how they can be part of the strategic conversations that customer execs are having about artificial intelligence, machine learning and process automation to drive better decision making and analysis while lowering costs.

Grow your revenues and add more value for your clients: partner with Artsyl!

This online session will focus on how Intacct VARs can help customers to automate business processes like accounts payable by taking advantage of the capabilities of the docAlpha Transformation Platform.

  • Learn about how easy it is to cost-effectively eliminate manual data entry and document filing by relying on docAlpha’s intelligent capture capabilities.
  • Discover how you can deliver a complete, end-to-end solution for automating processes for AP vendor invoices, sales orders and more.
  • Deliver choices to your clients, so they can decide to leverage workflow and automation capabilities of their Intacct ERP, or rely on docAlpha's built-in workflow processes.
  • Expand your opportunities to grow revenues and elevate the role of your organization to help clients tackle key strategic issues by partnering with Artsyl
To learn more about how Artsyl can help automate AP invoice and customer sales order processes to achieve greater efficiency and ROI for your Intacct customers, register for our July Webinar online.

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