IT and IPA for Process Owners

IT and IPA for Process Owners

Intelligent Process Automation isn’t just Making Life Easier for Process Owners.

Intelligent Process Automation isn’t just Making Life Easier for Process Owners.

Recent articles in InfoWorld and elsewhere in the technology and business press document the transformation we’re witnessing as companies take a new approach to automating routine processes like accounts payable, accounts receivable and other data- and document dependent workflows.

Most of the attention is paid to the process owner and the business leader in these transformative stories of how companies finally overcame the status quo to automate long-standing tasks that involved lots of keystrokes, mouse clicks, emailing or FedExing of documents to be reviewed, approved and turned into vendors paid or customer orders fulfilled.

I an ironic twist of fate, these article typically showcase the elevation of workers in AP or AR, demonstrating how they are freed to perform higher-level budgeting, forecasting, contract negotiation or analytical tasks—while highlighting the cost savings from reducing IT and development maintenance and overhead.

Role reversal?

Role reversal?

In other words, in the new, intelligently automated world, process owners are recognized as valuable assets, while IT and development is cast as overhead or as a cost center.

That isn’t to say that the world has turned completely upside down—it’s just an inverse of the traditional narrative.

Because in reality, what we’re witnessing is the same transformation of IT as we are of back office processes. On one hand, IT and development are being unburdened from work like re-coding or re-configuring workflows. Process owners are now empowered and they can focus on higher value work.

The same holds true for IT. But that’s just the beginning.

After all, there’s a lot of work in IT that’s referred to as ‘swivel chair’ activities. The same routine manual work we associate with paying invoices or processing orders (surprise) also applies to IT, where data is transferred from one source to another.

IT is evolving and transforming to eliminate a lot of their manual overhead by adopting more flexible, adaptable intelligent solutions to integrate the systems and data their maintain. Solutions like iPaaS (integration platform as a service) are taking the pain out of systems integration and the headaches out of maintaining integrations when one system or another is upgraded.

Adding Value and Improving Work Life for ALL Knowledge Workers

Taking a step to look at the big picture, we’re seeing exciting new technologies and intelligent automation solutions being adopted that are making life easier for everyone, where the tasks that are being automated aren’t eliminated jobs—but instead, taking on dull work best suited for workers who don’t get bored (aka ‘bots’).

At Artsyl Technologies, we’re proud of the privilege we have to apply our solutions to make work life more enjoyable and rewarding for ALL knowledge workers. While our clients speak in terms of efficiency gains and ROI, the most meaningful exchanges are about how companies are growing their businesses and developing their staff, because they can reallocate time, money and effort to more meaningful, impactful things than hiring more people to do data entry.

That’s where we find our passion, and where we see a bright future for employees at all levels in this new era of innovation.


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