Epicor ISV Spotlight:  Artur Vassylyev, CEO, Artsyl Technologies

Epicor ISV Spotlight:
Artur Vassylyev, CEO, Artsyl Technologies

At the latest Epicor Insights Conference, Epicor’s Rebecca Selby got a chance to catch up with Artsyl Technologies CEO Artur Vassylyev to talk about how Epicor’s DocStar customers benefit from automating the most painful parts of their accounts payable vendor invoice processes: data entry and document handling.

By leveraging the intelligent data capture capabilities of Artsyl’s docAlpha Transformation Platform, integrated with DocStar, companies can process scanned paper and electronic invoices quickly and easily, with minimal data entry and with minimal set up or configuration.
“The feedback we hear from DocStar customers is that you don't have to go through a lengthy process of training, templates, and setup because the software comes with a package of knowledge for invoices,” said Vassylyev

“It knows what invoices are and which fields you want to enter”

For DocStar customers, docAlpha’s intelligent data capture capabilities result in immediate access to business data, and allows DocStar to automatically match AP quotes, orders and invoice documents.
“Immediate and automatic—those are both music to customers' ears,” Selby commented.

Growing Global Companies Prioritizing Efficiency and Automation

As Epicor’s own industry research has shown, growing global companies have prioritized technologies that deliver timely data to support planning and strategy, along with systems that automate inefficient manual processes.
A recent study commissioned by Epicor substantiates the notion that the firms best poised for global growth are those that invest in technology and systems/process improvement.
The Epicor survey of 2,450 business decision-makers across 12 countries, in industries including manufacturing, distribution, retail and lumber revealed the following technology and business trends for companies looking to grow globally:

  • Among companies that experienced the most business growth, 69% said they planned to invest heavily in systems and processes
  • Respondents rated Planning and Strategy as the highest-ranking influencer in achieving growth (40%)
  • More respondents (47%) ranked better technology as the key factor to overcoming challenges to growth
  • A majority (52%) expected to see positive growth impact from IT investments within 12 months

From Artsyl Technologies’ perspective these statistics and trends are no surprise. Companies that partner with Artsyl and adopt digital transformation technology to streamline their processes are typically looking to achieve more than cost-cutting to boost their bottom line.
Their ultimate goal is usually more focused on achieving scalability and process transparency so that their operations don’t inhibit business growth.
DocStar, combined with the intelligent data capture capabilities, delivers on process efficiency and process scalability.
For more information, visit https://www.docstar.com/


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