Document Imaging Report Highlights Artsyl’s Mid-Market Expansion

Document Imaging Report Highlights Artsyl’s Mid-Market Expansion

the new features in docAlpha 5.0

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This month, Ralph Gammon, Editor and Publisher of the Document Imaging Report, spoke with Jeff Moore, Chief Sales Officer and Partner of Artsyl Technologies, to discuss the new features in docAlpha 5.0 and how Artsyl is rapidly expanding its partnerships, integrations and successful sales and implementations in the middle market.

Moore described Artsyl Technology’s smart process platform approach and how Artsyl is focused on delivering business process automation to the middle market—where established enterprise solution providers have failed to scale their solutions to meet the needs of partners and customers.

“We want to deliver what Forrester defines as smart process applications,” Moore told DIR. “This means that we don’t just provide capture, but capture with intelligence and feedback.”

“For example, many organizations receive a combination of PO-based and non-PO- based invoices. If there is a PO and its total and subtotals match the invoice, maybe that invoice can be sent straight through for payment. If there is no PO, the invoice might need to be sent to a department manager for approval. Through our software, that manager can now receive an e-mail notification and approve it on the smart phone. Also, if an item sits too long in a queue, it can be escalated. The whole idea is to help users capture their data into their applications and images into their repositories with the least amount of effort.”

Moore also highlighted new features in docAlpha 5.0, including a new multi-tenancy feature that makes docAlpha 5.0 cloud friendly. “We will be offering our own instance hosted on AWS that VARs will be able to license,” said Moore. “We will also make it available to ISV partners as a white label solution that they can host themselves. We already have some ISV partners testing it out.”

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