Identifying the Right IPA Partner for BPOs

Identifying the Right IPA Partner for BPOs

Choosing the Right Partner to Automate Your BPO Operation

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers give their clients the skills and synergy they need to optimize and scale their operations in a way that lowers costs and enables them to focus on their core mission and service to customers.

BPO providers have relied on automation to streamline back office processes for decades. Today, however, the landscape of opportunities for innovation is rapidly changing. New innovations in intelligent process automation (which incorporates machine learning, robotic process automation and intelligent document capture) mean that BPOs need to evaluate their technology and process automation partners more carefully and thoroughly than ever. The goal? To find a technology partner best suited to provide reliable, predictable results while employing the most innovative, forward-thinking solutions.

It can be a tricky balancing act. All too often, BPOs (or any technology customer for that matter) can be lured by the vision and promise of the latest, cutting edge tech and burned later when those solutions don’t meet expectations.

With that in mind, based on our experience working with BPOs to deliver innovative yet practical solutions that incorporate intelligent process automation, we’ve come up with XX tips for evaluating a BPO process automation partner.

Do they Understand Your Processes?

Find vendors who already understand the processes you want to automate and have designed, configured and implemented solutions without having to re-invent the wheel. In this day and age, common processes including vendor invoice automation, customer sales order automation, medical claims processing, check remittance processing are well established and common enough across industries that you shouldn’t have to require something developed from scratch.

Do they Employee no Code/Intelligent Integration Strategies?

New intelligent automation and integration solutions are design to provide maximize flexibility and minimal dependence on developers or IT to customize a solution. Look for vendors who have embraced these new approaches and can deliver a solution that empowers your process owners without tying them to your IT team or to the vendor for ongoing development and customization.

Do they Have a Compliance Track Record Within Your Industry?

Look for vendors who understand the compliance requirements you need to adhere to and have built solutions that support compliance and process audit trails seamlessly.

Do they Have Experience Integrating with Your Systems?

The good news about creating new integrated solutions today is that there are platforms and applications available that make it simpler and easier to create end-to-end automation built for the real world, so that things bend without breaking whenever you upgrade or make changes to one system or application. Look for partners who already have adopted and understand how to make the best use of these tools without relying on complex APIs or inflexible custom integrations.

Do they Tackle the Real Pain Points?

Intelligent process automation can mean many different things to different people. Regardless of what you seek to achieve, make sure you are looking at the most inefficient tasks and the most error-prone ones and are working with a partner who can tackle those head on. Gone are the days when manual data entry or document handling was a given—or that solutions to those fundamental problems were too costly or complex. Look for vendors with a track record of successfully solving for those problems in ways that a flexible, adaptable and support continuous process improvement.

Look Beyond Immediate Process Pains to Broader Problem Solving

Beyond looking at a single process or pain point, look for a solution provider who can deliver a platform that supports multiple processes and can be adapted to solve for related process problems. That means looking for a vendor who can solve specific process problems, but has done so in a way that is flexible enough to continue to meet your evolving process automation needs.

Put Your Vision into Action

If your BPO firm is looking for new innovative ways to deliver more value, reduce costs and expand opportunities, visit the Artsyl Web site for more information and resources, then contact your Artsyl solution representative to begin transforming your vision into a plan for action.


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