Catching Up with CANAC:  Canadian Hardware Retailer Continues to Grow

Catching Up with CANAC: Canadian Hardware Retailer Continues to Grow

CANAC’s AP Team Stays Ahead of the Pace, Even Amidst Growth and ERP Changes

With its 26th retail location opening at the end of 2017, Canadian retailer CANAC continues to expand its business, adding 85 additional employees and investing $7M in its latest store.

Canac recognized that the development and continued expansion of their business had placed a heavy strain on their ERP system and the business operations is supported.

With this in mind, Canac launched their ERP selection process, looking for a long-term solution that could scale as they grow. As part of the selection process, Canac considered the following challenges encountered with their current solution:

  • Lack of scalability and flexibility to support their current and future growth
  • Overly customized solution that became increasingly difficult to evolve
  • Lack of data integration, limiting the communication and collaboration between departments
  • Inability to adapt to a digital omnichannel retail environment

In addition, Canac needed a solution that would greatly improve the in-store customer experience, both at the client service counter and at the point of sales.

After evaluating several solutions, Canac decided to select SAP as their new ERP.

A Straight-Through Process for Accounts Payable

Canac’s choice meant that they could continue to take advantage of the digital transformation solution they’d already put in place to eliminate bottlenecks in its existing processes to handle routine tasks like sorting and handling documents and entering data into their business systems.

The docAlpha digital transformation platform and InvoiceAction vendor invoice application is able to interact with Canac’s Laserfiche ECM for documents and SAP ERP system for data, creating a straight-through process for accounts payable that can continue to scale and streamline operations.

By relying on Artsyl’s docAlpha Smart Process platform, CANAC spends a fraction of the time/effort required to process vendor invoices, reducing payment cycle times while allowing the company to scale as business grows without adding staff just to handling invoices.

With InvoiceAction, CANAC has been able to focus more of their AP staff’s energies on managing and optimizing cash flow while strengthening relationships with partners and suppliers.

To learn more about how docAlpha has allowed CANAC to streamline its vendor invoice capture and approval processes, and gain control over accounts payable, read the full case study


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