Launch Your Digital Transformation Initiative with a Boost from Your Cloud ERP

Mid-market firms embracing the cloud can automate and innovate with digital transformation technology

Digital transformation is a key strategic objective for organizations of all sizes. For midmarket firms - those with up to 1,000 employees—digital transformation represents an opportunity to remain agile and competitive against larger firms while continue to scale their operations.

A recent whitepaper from ArchWeb outlines the top business drivers for digital transformation:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Added security
  • Growth/scalability

Companies that have invested in a cloud-based ERP like ArchWeb have, in fact, taken their first step on a journey towards greater agility, flexibility and competitiveness. The NEXT step involves eliminating the routine, manual tasks that slow down your staff, inflate your costs and limit your ability to respond quickly to customer demands and changes in market trends.

Taking the next step: from Cloud ERP to Business Digitization

While ERP systems like ArchWeb do a great job of managing structured data and supporting business operations, it’s the unstructured data (emails, documents, images) that is driving the explosion of information in our lives. Often, converting unstructured data into structured data that drive business intelligence and process automation creates process bottlenecks and introduces error and inefficiency into business operations.

That is where business digitization platforms like docAlpha from Artsyl Technologies, come into play. Integrated with leading ERP, ECM and CRM systems, docAlpha provides a critical link between business systems, processes, data and documents.

Digital Transformation platforms like docAlpha take scanned paper or native digital documents and files and “read” them for relevant and actionable information, transforming unstructured content into information. Today, this process is typically manual - and it is the GREATEST source of inefficiency and error in most business processes.

By automating tasks like document handling and data entry, companies not only boost efficiency—they achieve more timely access to relevant data, leading to greater process transparency and more opportunities to improve and optimize operations.

And that’s just the beginning. Because, with the right data and the right business rules I hand, business digitization applications can automate processes like accounts payable invoice processing, sales order processing, medical claims processing, and practically ANY business process involving data, documents and decisions.

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You’ll learn about how easy it is to cost-effectively eliminate manual data entry, document filing and approval routing by relying on docAlpha’s intelligent capture and process workflow capabilities.

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