Shared Services and Intelligent Process Automation: SSON Preview

Shared Services and Intelligent Process Automation: SSON Preview

A Preview for Attendees of SSON 2020

A Preview for Attendees of SSON 2020

With SSON 2020 on the horizon, March 23-26 in Orlando, we thought it might be a good time for a refresher on the latest trends for companies relying on a business process outsourcing (BPO) strategy and for the partners they work with to achieve greater productivity, lower costs and find a competitive advantage.

If you plan on attending SSON, consider this a primer that will help you to prepare to get more out of the show when walking the exhibit floor or attending sessions. If you don’t plan on attending and want to learn more online or by talking to solution providers, we hope to save you a plane ticket and give you some things to consider as you look at ways to empower your employees and get more from your tech investment.

Industry Insights to Consider

While SSON’s 2020 Global State of the SSO Industry survey results aren’t in yet, insightful data from the organization’s 2020 Future of Finance report provides a great framework for companies looking to establish a benchmark and set goals for the performance of their BPO strategy as part of their overall operational goals.

A Preview for Attendees of SSON 2020

One interesting statistic that jumps off the page from the survey report is what surveyed finance leaders said about the factors that they would expect to drive the greatest value for their enterprise:

  • Automation/digitization: 28%
  • Data analytics: 22%
  • Talent: 18%
  • Data management/formatting (structured): 17%
  • AI: 7%
  • Shared Services Model: 5%

In this context, if you are a BPO solutions provider, your clients are NOT looking to you to add strategic value, which means you DON’T have a seat at the table when it comes to discussions and plans that have meaningful business impact.

If you are a finance leader, then you’re likely looking for solutions to solve some fundamental business process problems that relate to how your company manages, accesses and acts upon business data — and you’re looking to automation as a solution or to talent to build a culture of innovation (or both).

If you take the next step and connect the dots here, the way for BPO organizations to add more value and have more impact on the business outcomes of their clients, then embracing process automation and offering expertise to fill the talent gaps finance leaders acknowledge represents a huge opportunity with mutual benefits.

Adding Process Intelligence to your Portfolio

Intelligent process automation platforms like Artsyl’s docAlpha help finance leaders and their teams to address multiple issues and opportunities cited by finance leaders to help them achieve their business goals. Designed to be business- and technology- friendly for BPO solution providers, Artsyl solutions can help them to deliver process automation, more timely access to business data and insights and offer up expertise and insights on digital transformation to help companies evolve and become more agile.

Explore IPA for your BPO Strategy — Before, During or After the Upcoming Trade Show Season

To learn more about how to make the MOST of your BPO strategy (and your SSON 2020 visit), contact an Artsyl representative.


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