Automation is Everywhere

Automation is Everywhere

Analysts Predict Automation Trends will Expand to the Mid-market and Beyond in 2020

Looking ahead to the near future of IPA and artificial intelligence, analyst firms IDC and Forrester forecast that companies that took some small steps to innovate in 2019 will boldly go beyond pilot projects or single-process initiatives into broader, cross-departmental efforts.

Data and survey results from Forrester suggest that:

  • A majority (53%) of respondents are either accelerating, enhancing or broadening the scope of AI implementations undertaken in 2019
  • Nearly one third (29%) of global developers piloted or working with AI/machine learning (ML) software in 2019
  • A majority (54%) of survey respondents are adopting edge computing in anticipation of their future needs to support AI and IPA projects

Forrester envisions 2020 as the year that automation becomes increasingly intelligent, with RPA paving the way for more extensive IPA initiatives. A quarter (25%) of surveyed Fortune 500 respondents said they would implement intelligent data extraction and machine learning, boosting the intelligence and flexibility of implemented RPA projects to address a myriad of new, more complex use cases.

IDC’s predictions are in line with Forrester, suggesting that by 2022, three quarters (75%) of enterprises will adopt intelligent process automation to accelerate efficiency and boost innovation.

According to IDC, that trend will acceleration further by 2024, with a quarter of AI solution investments being applied to an “Outcomes-as-a-service” model that pays based on results. It’s envisioned that the majority of user experiences will be augmented by virtual reality, augmented reality and natural language processing/computer speech.

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