Document Classification Made Easy with docAlpha

Document Classification Made Easy with docAlpha

Organizations deal with countless amounts of various paper documents every day

Organizations deal with countless amounts of various paper documents every day. The costs associated with handling and processing these documents is astronomical. With Artsyl's docAlpha document processing technology you can replace the tedious process of manual classification, data capture and routing of documents, thereby reducing the total cost involved in a typical document processing workflow.

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Artsyl's docAlpha provides fully automated document classification and multi-page document assembly technology which can completely eliminate the need for pre-sorting and document separation preparation. When documents enter the system, they are identified, sorted, classified, split and/or assembled and processed based on document type. This allows you to:

  • Scan documents without pre-sorting or insertion of separator pages
  • Auto-classify single-page and multi-page documents
  • Route documents automatically to the proper department based on their content
  • Flag any documents with incorrect or missing pages
  • Automatically confirm that all required batch documents are scanned / faxed in
  • Support multi-page tables, optional and required pages, auto-indexing and annex pages


  • Easy to use classification system for improved user adoption rates
  • Faster and more reliable than manual classification of documents
  • Batch process, sort, and classify large volumes of documents
  • Fast and direct ROI via reducing manual document handling
  • Significantly decreases manual document preparation time
  • Easily integrates into your document workflow

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