Automated Data Capture Software

Automated Data Capture Software

Automated data capture is the technology to identify and extract data from paper documents, faxes and documents in electronic formats and delivery of the captured information to document management systems, approval workflows, accounting systems, ERP, CRM, databases and other back-end systems.


This technology is quickly becoming an essential tool for organizations managing high volumes of incoming data. While manual data processing was previously the norm, automation has quickly proven to be more effective, reducing labor costs and turnaround time as well as data entry errors. With the right data capture software, your organization can achieve more with your data.

The Benefits of Automated Data Entry Software

The return on investment for automated data capture technology is significant, especially considering all the risks associated with manual data entry. Automated data collection software offers the following benefits:

  • • Improved Accessibility: Manual data entry tends to be more scattered in nature, with minimal integration that makes it difficult to find original documentation for any one piece of data. Automated data entry software reduces this issue, storing documentation within a database for easy retrieval.
  • Reduced Labor: While data entry is essential, it takes humans a great deal of time to complete. With automated data capture, you can minimize your data entry and direct your employees to more profitable tasks.
  • Minimized Error: With manual data entry, you rely on humans to read and key in data, which can lead to errors. With automated data capture, the program doesn't get tired or confused — it simply reads and translates the information, resulting in more accurate data entry.
  • Improved Productivity: Combined, these factors mean your business can achieve more in less time, speeding up your business workflows so you can better serve your customer base and company interests.

Data Capture With docAlpha

Artsyl docAlpha is the company's flagship product, a fully automatic distributed data capture solution with advanced document classification. docAlpha makes it possible to automatically capture, interpret and transfer information from fixed, structured, and semi-structured forms into your business software. Whether you're using an ERP, CRM, ECM, or another back-office system, docAlpha can transfer data to it so that you can minimize your manual processes.

With docAlpha's document workflow automation system for data extraction from Artsyl, you can:

Why Choose Artsyl?

Artsyl delivers intelligent process technology solutions to companies of all kinds, helping them automate their business processes to achieve higher efficiency and visibility in their daily operations. By capturing and organizing your data with intelligent automation, Artsyl's solutions will help your business automate your processes, making your data work for you.


If you're interested in learning more about automated data capture technology and what it can do for you, contact Artsyl today!


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