New Artsyl Whitepaper: Take the PAIN Out of Your Process with Intelligent Data Capture

New Artsyl Whitepaper: Take the PAIN Out of Your Process with Intelligent Data Capture

Learn How to Eliminate Data Entry and Document Handling Bottlenecks for Any Business Process

A new whitepaper from Artsyl Technologies argues that back office functions, like accounts payable, accounts receivable and customer service shouldn’t be manual labor—and that intelligent data capture technology available today has the potential to empower process owners to do more value-added work in a way that supports business growth, cost reductions and greater process transparency.

In the past, intelligent data capture technology made sense of large companies involved in high-volume, transactional operations like accounts payable vendor invoice processing, accounts receivable/customer service sales order processing.

While those scenarios still reflect the most common use cases for intelligent data capture, companies of all sizes, with even a relatively modest number of vendors and monthly invoices can benefit. At the same time, lower-volume, but higher-value processes now can benefit from the ability to intelligently extract information from unstructured documents, so workers don’t have to manually re-key information or manually file documents.

Although vendor invoices and sales order automation comprise the most common solutions provided by Artsyl, the company continues to discover a growing array of use cases across dozens of industries.

Universities and secondary schools have relied on intelligent data capture to gain a competitive edge when it comes to processing admissions. They’ve also relied on intelligent data capture to process lengthy, complex utility bills in a way that allows them to aggregate data and better manage/monitor usage.

Non-profit organizations have come up with all sorts of innovative applications for intelligent data capture—including processing of hand-written scorecards for marksmanship competitions. They’ve also created their own service organizations to help their members to more efficiently handle common back office operations in a way that lowers costs and allows them to focus on their constituents.

To learn more about intelligent data capture, download the latest Artsyl whitepaper.


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