On the Road in Boston with Acumatica

On the Road in Boston with Acumatica

Join Acumatica and Artsyl in October

The Boston Acumatica Road Show event kicks off a busy season of events with Acumatica for the Artsyl team. As an event sponsor for another year, Artsyl is excited about the coming October road show events and looking forward to catching up with Acumatica partners, customers and other members of the growing Acumatica community.

For those of you who attended the event in Boston but may have been overwhelmed by a flood of information, or for those who couldn’t attend (but are thinking about attending one of the other events), we’ll gathered a few insights worth sharing.

Unleashing the Power of the Cloud

Acumatica 2019 R2 demonstrates the continued power and convenience of deploying an ERP system in the cloud—one of the advantages of which is allowing customers to take immediate advantage of new innovations without the pain associated with on-premise upgrades. Artsyl’s intelligent process automation solutions, when integrated with Acumatica, delivers an even bigger dose of efficiency and cost savings by applying machine learning to common business processes like accounts payable vendor invoice and customer sales order processing. The ability to deploy quickly to drive greater value almost immediately is right in line with Acumatica’s core value proposition.

“IPA” is here to stay. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) caught a lot if interest in attention during past road shows and was hot a hot topic during road shows two years ago. Today, RPA has evolved into IPA—intelligent process automation that goes behind making simple, repeatable tasks easy to automate. By applying machine learning to routine tasks, intelligent process automation solutions can go beyond automating basic mouse clicks and keyboard data entry to interact and learn from human process owners in a way that allows them to adapt and update their algorithms to take on more complex work without any dependency on IT to change code or configurations.

IPA applications like Artsyl’s InvoiceAction and OrderAction empower companies to deploy quickly and automate invoices or sales orders, extracting and validating data by cross-referencing records in their ERP.

AP Automation solutions can be confusing. AP automation is everywhere these days, which while good news, can also create market confusion. Artsyl’s InvoiceAction actually powers many vendor solutions behind the scenes, performing the heavy lifting by addressing the extraction of data from business documents like invoices, quotes and orders. There are solutions out there that DO NOT fully automate this critical component, which may mean that the manual labor is outsourced as a service, or worse, left to your staff. Our advice to make sure to dig into the details to understand how these solutions address data capture.

IPA goes Beyond Accounts Payable

Accounts payable and invoice automation is just tip of the iceberg when it comes to back office processes that are prime candidates for intelligent process automation. Surprisingly, it’s not easy to find solutions for processes like sales order automation—particularly solutions that build off a single platform in a way that allows you to get more out of your initial IPA investment. Our approach as an Acumatica process automation partner has been to deliver a platform and suite of solutions that can complement one another and allows a customer to accelerate value cost effectively by adding applications in a way that builds on prior experience.

Join us on the Road or Online

Now, it's easier than ever for Acumatica resellers to deliver cost-effective, easy-to-implement solutions that take the pain out of back office processes for Acumatica users, so they aren't slowed down by manual data entry and document handling.

If you're attending the upcoming road show events, schedule time to meet with us in Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Anaheim or Orlando. We'll help you get up to speed quickly and kick start new opportunities to add value for your Acumatica customers.

Visit our Acumatica Road Show page for more information or request a virtual meeting to learn more. In 30 minutes, we can give you the highlights of how intelligent data capture, validation, invoice matching and approval routing can boost efficiency and achieve better cash flow for your clients. Whether we meet online or in person, we're looking forward to working with you to add more value for your Acumatica customers!


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