Accelerating Digital Transformation: with Dynamics 365 for Operations

Accelerating Digital Transformation:
with Dynamics 365 for Operations

Read the new Study from Microsoft and Forrester, then Attend Our Webinar!

While companies of all sizes worldwide are embracing digital experiences to exceed customer expectations, they are also applying digital transformation strategies to cut costs and drive revenue growth.

Microsoft recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to better understand how companies worldwide are pursuing digital strategies. The study focuses on the outcomes they sought, the challenges they faced, and the benefits they are realizing.

More specifically, this study highlights the role that technology (CRM, ERP, business intelligence and productivity) has played in accelerating digital transformation efforts — showcasing specific benefits received including:

  • increased customer engagement
  • increased customer acquisition
  • increased operational efficiency
  • increased employee productivity
  • increased overall revenue
  • and the development of new revenue streams

Smart Capture Technology: the Digital Transformation Workhorse

What’s missing from the core Dynamics 365 for Operations platform to achieve the kind of digital transformation that organizations are looking for? First and foremost is a convenient, reliable way to transform business documents into data. The ONLY way to achieve this critical element today is smart capture technology. Smart capture technology has evolved into an affordable way for companies of any size to eliminate manual data entry for business documents and rely on software to “read” scanned paper or digital documents and extract business data that can automatically be entered into an ERP system like Dynamics GP.

Nailing that critical first step achieves two goals: 1) it delivers faster, more timely access to business data and 2) it drastically reduces errors. That means that you get better information more quickly, resulting in a more dependable snapshot of your business KPIs.

ALL KINDS of benefits roll out of having access to business data and related digital documents. Workflow automation is a natural extension of smart capture capabilities, because now that you now have the data and documents you need, applying business rules to automate routing for approvals and passing along relevant data like G/L codes becomes a snap.

Learn How to Digitize Your Business and Automate Your Processes with Dynamics 365 for Operations

Want to learn how you can get MORE from your Dynamics 365 for Operations ERP and digitize your business?

Artsyl Technologies is hosting a Webinar on Thursday, August 3, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT focused on demonstrating the amazing results you can achieve by integrating your ERP with business digitization platforms that deliver smart capture capabilities and process automation.

Register for Dynamics 365 for Operations and Digital Transformation online

This online session will focus on how Dynamics 365 for Operations customers and technology partners can automate business processes like accounts payable, sales order processing and check remittances by taking advantage of the capabilities of Dynamics GP when integrated with the docAlpha Smart Process Platform.

You’ll learn about how easy it is to cost-effectively eliminate manual data entry, document filing and approval routing by relying on docAlpha’s intelligent capture and process workflow capabilities.

We’re looking forward to showing how smart capture technology and business digitization can transform your world!


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