Intelligent Document Processing for MS Dynamics GP

Intelligent Document Processing for MS Dynamics GP

Intelligent Document Processing for MS Dynamics GP

Is your accounts payable department smart? Would you consider it integral to your company’s success? If your answer is in the affirmative, well done! If not, we’ll tell you what you’ve been missing out on. We at Artsyl are excited about the latest version of our proprietary Intelligent Process Automation platform for data capture and process automation, the docAlpha 6.3.

Smartening Up Your Back-Office

This version offers additional capabilities and improvements that add to the already feature-rich platform. But what we are most excited about is the immense ease-of-use the platform brings with scope for integration with a number of ERP, ECM, and document management systems.

Our clients have consistently remarked on the high usability of the platform to perform several document-dependent processes like accounts payable, sales order processing, check remittance, and medical claims processing within their ERP ecosystem itself, ensuring the inflows and outflows of business data are maintained on a singular, integrated platform.

Today, building a smart enterprise has become a business necessity and companies are beginning to realize that a smart back-office contributes immensely to a smart enterprise.

But companies cannot afford to uproot or disturb underlying systems and processes in an effort to transition to smart systems. Keeping this in mind, we’ve come up with an accounts payable automation solution that successfully integrates with your ERP or accounting system, enabling hands-free vendor invoice processing automation from purchase to pay within your ERP ecosystem.

We’ll discuss one of the numerous ERP integration capabilities that the Artsyl intelligent document processing platform allows for one of the common document-dependent processes, viz. accounts payable.

Artsyl AP Automation Software and MS Dynamics GP

Let’s face it, invoice processing is a headache, no matter how efficient your staff is or how well managed your department may be. There are just too many challenges holding AP back:

  • Recurring data entry follies & exceptions
  • Lengthy payment cycle times
  • A truckload of paper!

And these barriers are almost an everyday occurrence, which is why doubts about AP playing a significant role in the overall success of a company may not be such an exaggeration, after all!

But advancements in technology and intelligent automation changes all that. Artsyl introduces a touchless invoice processing automation method that when integrated with MS Dynamics GP, creates an effective, end-to-end electronic view of vendor invoice trail from procure to pay.

Unleashing Process Efficiencies You Never Knew Existed

Intelligent Document Processing for MS Dynamics GP
  • Artsyl’s IPA comes with powerful intelligent data capture technology with embedded OCR/ICR functionality and machine learning that helps recognize and extract pertinent details from vendor invoices. Invoices are automatically indexed post the capture with GL codes and vendor IDs. Indexed invoices are validated against the vendor master data in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Integration with MS Dynamics eliminates the need for repeat keying during 2-way and 3-way matching.
  • The integration facilitates automatic recording of transaction data in MS Dynamics GP while the vendor invoices and sales orders are being processed. Data is also recorded post processing of vendor invoices and sales orders, known as virtual documents, which can be retrieved from the MS Dynamics database for financial accounting work, as and when needed.
  • Artsyl’s intelligent document processing platform ensures that the transaction and virtual documents created follow a common document structure in line with Microsoft Dynamics GP standards, reducing the need for users to reformat processed documents according to their ERP requirements. Reproduction of content as per the required document formats for each ERP is useful when using the data for reporting and analytics, again eliminating the need for repeat keying,
  • The integration ensures that all business data routed from the edges of the organization ends up in a single repository, in this case, the Microsoft Dynamics GP database. Users will be able to access reports and other data as needed from the central repository itself.

The Artsyl-MS Dynamics GP integration creates a seamless, singular flow of business data from different vendors to the ERP system. Users can leverage the capabilities of the integration to drive invoice processing automation, and monitor document handling and data entry from within their MS Dynamics environment itself, eliminating the need for repeat manual data entry of processed data into their ERP. Artsyl’s powerful intelligent data capture capabilities and automated workflows ensure hands-free, accurate and accelerated data availability to Microsoft Dynamics GP everytime.

The benefits of the Artsyl-MS Dynamics GP integration are cumulative, as this design and construction firm will tell you, having themselves witnessed heightened process efficiencies and scalability through this singular integrated intelligent document processing platform.


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