AP Automation and Integration Success Story: Power Mechanical

AP Automation and Integration Success Story: Power Mechanical

Boiler Equipment Supplier Takes the Pressure off Their ap Team with docAlpha & DocLink

Read our latest case study to discover how Power Mechanical, Inc, a leading supplier of boiler equipment improved their approval and processing cycle times for vendor invoices by implementing a straight through process for document handling, routing, approval and ERP transaction creation that combined the docAlpha Transformation Platform, the DocLink enterprise content management system and their Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

Power Mechanical chose DocLink from Altec to help organize and manage their purchasing-related documents and to automate workflows for invoice approval. To eliminate additional process bottlenecks like document handling and data entry into DocLink, the company also chose docAlpha from Artsyl Technologies.

For Power Mechanical, the biggest driver for automating accounts payable was gaining efficiency and control over the process and relieving the burden from the AP team.

Power Mechanical IT Manager David McAlister described the prior process as labor-intensive and inefficient.

“We had five people involved whenever we purchased an item,” McAlister said, “So it got a bit crazy at times.”

Going All the Way with Automation

One key to choosing the right AP automation solution was integration with the company’s Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system.

“It could get tedious really quickly when you have to do double data entry to get transactions approved and then entered in Dynamics GP.”

With the new, integrated AP automation solution in place, docAlpha takes on identifying inbound invoices that are either emailed or batch scanned into the system. docAlpha then extracts the required data from vendor invoices and validates it against DocLink and GP records. Next, docAlpha automatically files everything in DocLink. Next, DocLink takes over, routing invoices to the appropriate approvers, matching PO invoices to purchase orders, and ultimately creating the appropriate transaction entry for the approved invoice in Dynamics GP for payment processing.

“It really enabled us to recapture more purchasing power,” McAlister said, “Our cycle times went from weeks to days.”

To learn more about how docAlpha delivered a complete solution for digitizing critical documents and streamlined AP processes for Power Mechanical, read the full case study.


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