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  • 02/24/2015

    Upcoming Artsyl docAlpha 4.5 Certification Classroom Training.

Leasing Artsyl Software

  • Artsyl offers flexible 24-, 36- and 48-month terms for software-only and software plus hardware leasing for their entire line of products.

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  • Artsyl has partnered with over 100 Document Imaging VARs and Office Automation Dealers worldwide to resell our software.

  • SimpleCapture is a simple, affordable solution for automating your data entry and data capture needs. With the usage of unique self-learning Auto-Find technology SimpleCapture enables processing any forms and documents on the fly and doesn’t require template creation. Rapid deployment, quick ROI and just 1 hour total training required for operators – that is what you can count on from SimpleCapture!

  • docAlpha is a fully automatic distributed document and data capture, extraction and processing solution with advanced automated document classification. It is an ideal solution for capturing your mission-critical data from any document type. It dramatically reduces the data entry costs by providing automated invoice processing, purchase orders processing, medical claims and other document capture automation.

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