As a Laserfiche VAR, we’ve found many great uses for Laserfiche Quick Fields, but there is no one perfect product for every scenario. One example is with Accounts Payable. With Artsyl docAlpha, we are able to capture information from most invoices out of the box, which requires much less development time, a quicker project completion and ROI.

- Zaheer K. Master, President
Accelerated Information Systems
A Laserfiche VAR with over 12 years experience
Federal Agency Automates Invoice Processing with docAlpha” One of the biggest government organizations - Natural Resource Canada (NRCan) designed an improved workflow using Artsyl’s docAlpha Smart Process Platform to automatically capture, classify and process structured and unstructured paper invoices to improve the otherwise complex process.
“Our company has benefitted from docAlpha because we pride ourselves on posting correct results in a timely manner This system allows us to maintain excellent customer service and professionalism.”

– SH from Civilian
Marksmanship Program
“Using Artsyl ClaimAction our first client was in production within a few months. FVTech’s identification rate for UB04s has grown from zero percent to 85 or 90 percent,”

- said Jose Dias
from Future Vision.
“With help of docAlpha software we standardized document processing procedures and substantially increased level of invoice entry automation.”

- Charles Ferrer
Technical Support/IT
“Click Capture technology is very intuitive, easy to use and navigate but the most amazing part is Auto-Find! After the self-learning module has been trained, we started saving an average of 30% of document entry time.“

- Minh Hill,
Financial Controller
“The product`s most beneficial feature is the ability to scan any text from any kind of a document which then consistently autofill an excel spreadsheet. The possibilities are limitless.”

- Cheri Armstrong,
Director, Donor Communications
With Artsyl’s docAlpha CPower Energy Management got accurate automatic sorting, filing and indexing of invoices in support of 60 vendors and 1,200 invoices annually. By relying on docAlpha’s intelligent capture capabilities, CPower Energy Management doesn’t have to worry about manually filing and sorting invoices or manually keying information into their Dynamics GP ERP system.

“docAlpha contributes because it keeps our process paperless. I don't have to worry about a bunch of documents everywhere and losing an invoice. So if I don't see it in the system, the audits haven't received it, which is good.”

CPower Energy Management
Shanelle Hunter, Accounts Payable Specialist
“The docAlpha system is fantastic. When we have orders with 20 or 30 line items, docAlpha processes them and voilà – the software interprets the information automatically. The Customer Service Agent isn’t manually entering orders and shifting through different SAP screens,”

said Mary Olson,
Communication Manager, Caleffi North America