The idMax solution is a technologically advanced user interface that extracts ID data directly from a scanned image and sends the data directly into your proprietary application. idMax can read data from any ID or passport image and barcode. The ID software displays the card image and data automatically arranged in appropriate text fields and extracts the informaton .

How It Works

Read & Capture


Point your camera at an ID or just place it on the scanner and capture the image in a click. idMax will do the rest. Reads all 50 state US Drivers Licenses and other countries too. The system is extremely flexible and can read other types of proprietary media as well!

Extract & Populate


idMax will automatically store ID information and verify user accuracy. Powerful SDK allows developers to seamlessly integrate into their own application giving them a competitive advantage by acquiring information in seconds! Impressive accuracy and speed with the cloud or a locally installed system

Verify & Save


The idMax application can create and automatically populate a form such as a contract with the extracted ID information. Available to developers integrating our solution. Instantly save both ID image and data together.

  • idMax can capture data from a mobile phone or scanner
  • Easy to use and integrate for a developer or end user
  • Choose from our Cloud based or simply install the system on your computer
  • Data is automatically extracted with our very fast OCR algorithm in seconds!
  • Information will poplulate fields such as First Name, Last Name, Adress etc. with no human interaction
  • Age is automatically calculated to assist with alchohol sales and event entry
  • • User flexibility to verify and change the information as necessary
  • Automatically saves information into the cloud or local database
  • idMax is the most advanced and well supported application on the market today!

idMax Benefits

The idMax card reading solution, works with any TWAIN scanner or camera on the market today. Using the system is very simple and does not require any special training, just scan a document and the system does the rest!
The information extracted by idMax is automatically sorted and can be arranged, retrieved, printed and exported with a click of a button. The system is used by leaders in the financial, medical, banking, automotive, casino and rental industries. idMax is the ultimate, user friendly ID scanning solution for all your identification needs.

  • Competitive advantage
  • Lowers the cost of service
  • Quick mobile banking and insurance authentication
  • Ease of use
  • Offers a superior customer
  • Makes the application process simple quick and efficient
  • Works virtually anywhere!