Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics companies struggle continually with driver shortages, ever-increasing competition, fuel price volatility, continuing margin pressure, and exposure to economic cycles.

Often, paper-driven processes complicate these business challenges. With paper processes, transportation and logistics companies have to handle tedious back-office tasks, including the manual collection, sorting, routing and matching of a wide variety of documents and data across multiple locations.

Whether recruiting and on-boarding contractors, tracking and managing shipments, managing permits and compliance or managing supplier invoices or customer service orders, shipping and logistics companies can dramatically reduce costs and maintain better control of their operations by digitizing their processes.

Digital Transformation Delivers Greater Efficiency, Control and Scalability

Artsyl focuses on solving the most painful, manual steps in common business processes with data capture technology for logistics companies. These systems help businesses handle everything, including document management and routing, transaction data entry and validation, as well as reports and process monitoring.

By relying on Artsyl solutions for extracting data from scanned paper documents and electronic files, customers achieve more timely access to data and can automatically eliminate duplicate documents/data.

For logistics/transportation companies, that can mean dramatically reducing the costs and inefficiencies associated with a broad range of day-to-day challenges like:

  • Carrier management
  • Rate confirmation
  • Permit management
  • Bill of lading processing
  • Driver recruiting and onboarding
  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Payables

Artsyl Solutions Take the Pain Out of Your Business Processes and Get You Up and Running Quickly

Artsyl’s docAlpha digital transformation platform provides an all-in-one system for intelligent data capture and validation, automated workflow management and ERP/CRM integration, automating many of the data and document-dependent processes slowing modern businesses down.

With docAlpha, shipping/logistics firms can capture both scanned paper and digital documents quickly and easily, relying on the system to intelligently sort through documents and identify and capture relevant information. In this way, ANY document-dependent process can be digitized and automated quickly and easily, bringing real benefits to company processes, like:

  • Reduced Labor Costs: Maximize productivity and performance by automating data entry and filing tasks, enabling your staff to focus on more complex functions.
  • Organized Efforts: The automated workflow system identifies required documents and missing or expired information, streamlining and directing customer interaction efforts.
  • Instant Access: Access essential data and documents instantly through a highly accessible and secure system.

With these benefits, data capture for logistic management companies can cut costs and improve your business’s visibility and service quality, giving you the edge you need over the competition. Our docAlpha system is a great place to start.

Artsyl Smart Process Applications

While the docAlpha platform can handle any type of document to support your business processes, Artsyl offers several specific applications geared toward unique applications and processes. These applications help simplify specific back-office processes in your businesses, including AP invoices and Sales Orders.

  • InvoiceAction: This program is an accounts payable automation tool for the transportation industry, designed to streamline your AP automation and vendor invoices. Focusing specifically on invoice processing and management, InvoiceAction delivers user-friendly invoice data capture and approval routing with minimal coding needs for your transportation accounts payable management.
  • OrderAction: OrderAction streamlines sales order processing for businesses, delivering more complete data on buyer behavior while simultaneously reducing order cycle times and days sales outstanding. By automating the sales order process, this program allows transportation and logistics companies to focus on the big picture, gaining new insights into customer purchasing behaviors.

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