Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics companies struggle continually with driver shortages, ever-increasing competition, fuel price volatility, continuing margin pressure, and exposure to economic cycles.

Artsyl helps transportation and logistics companies to better manage operating expenses by automating and streamlining internal processes.

The docAlpha smart process platform extracts information from documents and forms to automate processes, including:

  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Payables
  • Carrier management
  • Rate confirmation
  • Permit management
  • Driver recruiting

Streamline Bill of Lading Processing

docAlpha classifies and extracts information from Bill of Lading line items, ensuring accuracy by validating that information against your systems of record, and exporting the data into the systems that need the information.

Automate Invoicing, Billing & Collections

Automating the collections process and dramatically improves cash conversion cycles by reducing administrative time and effort while minimizing the potential for human error.

Reduce printing and capture signed documents efficiently

Shipping documents often require unique media and specific printers. docAlpha allows you to reduce your total printed output, while digitally capturing signed documents for immediate indexing and processing.

Driver Recruitment and Contractor On-boarding

Recruiting, hiring and retaining skilled commercial truck drivers and contractors is one of the biggest headaches faced by transportation companies. Finding the right candidates requires gathering critical licensing and insurance information, keeping track of expirations to ensure compliance, handling contracts and managing dozens of onboarding forms and documents for each driver.