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Shared Service Organizations play critical roles in the functionality and administrative operation of several businesses, providing anything from accounting and payroll to legal and IT services for other companies. In these organizations, processing and managing documents and data by hand can be incredibly inefficient, increasing costs for customers, as well as the chances of error. This is why many shared service organizations have turned to automated data capture.

According to recent Shared Services State of the Industry survey published by SSON, most centers focus on continuous process improvement and collaborative teamwork to drive performance, with technology playing a key role. Automated shared service data management is the ideal technological advancement for the industry, improving the speed with which shared service organizations can process documents and data while minimizing manual processes.

Shared service organization smart process technology can help SSOs achieve scalability and operational excellence through digital transformation and process automation. They can expand their operations efficiently while contributing in a more meaningful and impactful way to the business of their clients.

How Artsyl Can Help

Partnering with Artsyl allows you to:

  • Quickly transform accounting documents and other shared service data into useable information, streamlining more labor-intensive tasks. The Artsyl docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform does this by intelligently extracting data from documents, automatically delivering data directly from the source more quickly and at a lower cost.
  • Ensure the quality of your data through automatic validation through docAlpha. The program automatically cross-checks any incoming data against current records, identifying and eliminating duplicate documentation.
  • Grow your shared service organization's data management capabilities while cutting costs by automating routine shared service data management tasks. Automate sorting/filing, routing/approval and data entry tasks, efficiently expanding your scale capabilities without needing to hire and onboard new staff.

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docAlpha Automates Data Extraction for Any Type of Document

The docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform from Artsyl provides a foundation for smart process technology like InvoiceAction, which focuses on accounts payable processes essential to shared service organization automation. With Artsyl’s docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform, your organization can automate many of the processes involved in shared service organization data management, helping shared service organizations achieve their data management goals by:

  • Eliminating inefficient, manual data entry processes to lower costs and reduce cycle times
  • Identifying and overcoming process bottlenecks through workflow automation
  • Delivering timely access to business data and process KPIs
  • Integrating with ERP, ECM and other business systems to fully automate processes like invoice processing, check remittances and sales order processing

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InvoiceAction Transforms Accounts Payable Processes

InvoiceAction is a smart process application built to complement and expand the docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform. InvoiceAction focuses explicitly on invoice processing, allowing shared service organization to improve their cash management shared service data management.

InvoiceAction features include the ability to:

  • Deliver user-friendly invoice data capture, approval routing and ERP integration minimal coding needs
  • Provide header, footer and line item detail data capture, improving the capture of key AP information
  • Ensure data validity through data cross-referencing, using ERP, ECM and CRM data
  • Automate 2- or 3-way AP matching to eliminate duplicate invoice entries
  • Identify and eliminate approval bottlenecks through automated alert systems

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