Life Sciences

Life science companies, including pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic, and food and beverage, operate in a highly-regulated, data- and document-intensive environments.

Life Science CEOs are charged with promoting innovation and driving growth centers while maintaining tight regulatory compliance with governmental guidelines such as the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11 and the EU's Annex 11. Simultaneously, Life Science CIOs must empower their organization to share key information and make the best decisions possible, while dealing with vast amounts of data and documents. Inefficient, paper-based processes can hamper both tasks.

Fortunately, there is a solution for life science companies in digital data extraction.

Life Sciences Can Achieve More With Artsyl Automation

Automatic data capture for life science companies incorporates intelligent data extraction capabilities, which capture data trapped in scanned paper and digital documents and turns it into actionable information. Artsyl harnesses this technology, bringing automatic data capture to life science companies and other businesses.

Artsyl’s automation solutions solve the most time-consuming steps in back-office processes — including document handling and routing, data entry and validation, as well as reports and process monitoring. With automated operations for life science companies, Artsyl empowers businesses to:

  • Quickly and efficiently manage both paper and digital documents from multiple channels
  • Extract, verify and sort relevant business and transaction data from documents automatically
  • Monitor existing business processes to target and eliminate bottlenecks

By relying on Artsyl solutions for extracting data from scanned paper documents and electronic files, customers achieve more timely access to data and can automatically eliminate duplicate documents or data, in turn improving their visibility over financial KPIs.

Artsyl’s docAlpha Solutions for Life Sciences

Artsyl’s docAlpha Life Science solutions support critical processes where management of all paper and electronic records and documents is essential to ensuring compliance-- from core research and development efforts to departmental processes and business operations like purchase/sales order review and HR employee onboarding and applicant tracking.

Artsyl’s docAlpha smart process platform empowers life sciences companies to foster innovation and efficiency while supporting compliance by providing intelligent data capture and validation functions, automatic workflow operations and simple integration capabilities. With these tools, Life Science companies can automate many basic operations and institutionalize compliance policies and procedures more easily.

The docAlpha smart process platform extract information from documents and forms to automate processes, including:

  • R&D/Regulatory Affairs
  • Manufacturing/Quality Assurance
  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Payables

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R&D / Regulatory Affairs

docAlpha streamlines the process of managing research documents, protocols, CRFs, study tagging files, and all other documents related to discovery, making it far easier for life science organizations to apply for permission to conduct clinical trials for new products.


Manufacturing / Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is critical to mitigating the risk of new product complaints or recalls. docAlpha helps life science organizations to manage data, documents and processes related to SOPs, Methods, Work Instructions, and Specifications, as well as Deviations, Corrective Action Plans (CAPAs), Audits, Change Controls and Complaints to ensure that quality standards can be measured, maintained, analyzed, and trended for further improvement.

docAlpha provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies with the ability to feed information (including document- or form-driven data) from one process to another such as from CAPA to Change Control, reducing duplicate data entry/processing and reducing errors.


Billing and Payables Automation

By automating the capture of payables and receivables documents, extracting information and routing documents for approvals, docAlpha can reduce invoice-processing costs by 80% or more. Automatic sales order reviews for life science companies and matching of sales and purchase order documents to quotes, invoices and receipts also reduce costs by minimizing cycle times, eliminating errors and avoiding process bottlenecks.

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