For healthcare providers, processing medical related documents can be an inefficient, costly and error-prone administrative process; one that can benefit greatly from automation.

Medical document processing suffers from the hallmarks of other back office processes that are prime candidates for process automation—high volumes of transactions, dependence on documents and data, lots of manual task dependencies and a high degree of inefficiency and potential for error.

Like most processes that benefit from intelligent capture and process automation, medical document processing often involves high volumes of transactions, with dependencies on multiple digital or paper documents, including:

  • Insurance Forms
  • Patient Histories
  • Treatment Files
  • Health Insurance Claims
  • Prescriptions
  • Billing Information
  • Medical Proxy Forms
  • Social Security Information
  • Medicaid and Medicare Forms

How Artsyl Can Help

Partnering with Artsyl allows you to:

  • Quickly transform medical and healthcare documents into information to streamline medical processes. The Artsyl docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform intelligently extracts data from your documents, automatically delivering more accurate data, more quickly, at a much lower cost.
  • Ensure data quality through automatic validation. Eliminate duplicate documents and data entry errors by relying on docAlpha to automatically cross-check data against patient records.
  • Grow your practice while cutting costs by automating routine tasks by automating sorting/filing, routing/approval and data entry, you can easily scale your document processing without worrying about hiring and training new staff.
Learn More About Artsyl’s docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform and Smart Process Applications

docAlpha automates data extraction for any type of document

The docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform from Artsyl provides a foundation for smart process applications like ClaimAction, which is focused specifically on medical claim process automation. With docAlpha, your organization can automate medical claims, then leverage that success to automate OTHER transactional processes.

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ClaimAction Makes it Easy to Get Started

ClaimAction is a smart process applications built on top of the docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform that allows your staff to get up and running quickly and cost-effectively with a fully automated solution to manage medical claims.

As a result, our clients can quickly implement a solution to sort through thousands of pages of medical records and related files, and capture relevant data with a minimal amount of effort and no software custom coding or related services required.

  • Delivers easy-to-implement data capture, approval routing and database integration with no need for coding or customization
  • Provides both summary and line item detail data capture
  • Ensures data validity through rules-based and data cross-referencing with your systems of record
  • Eliminates duplicate claim entries
  • Eliminates process bottlenecks through automated alerts and notifications

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