As workloads rise, many state and local government agencies are struggling to balance their obligations to provide mandated services while holding the line on costs. Faced with overwhelming “do more with less” expectations, many government agencies have turned to automatic data capture and management so they can scale to meet increased demand with limited resources.

The docAlpha intelligent data capture platform for government agencies of the costly burden of managing documents, administering data and delivering services manually. By digitizing paper documents, extracting information from documents and digital forms and files and automatically routing information for processing, docAlpha takes the pain out of routine processes, so government agencies can continue to innovate while operating efficiently.

The docAlpha smart process platform extracts information from documents and forms to automate processes, including:

  • Permitting: Improve revenue generation by electronically reviewing, issuing and managing permits
  • FOIA requests: Respond quickly to public information requests by streamlining capture and access to documents and information
  • Contract management: Capture contract data and documents, related compliance information and manage the entire process efficiently
  • Accounts payable: Reduce payables cycle times by 80% by automating data entry, approval routing and transaction creation
  • Human resources: Streamline applicant tracking and employee onboarding by capturing documents and data, routing information to the appropriate stakeholders and monitoring for process bottlenecks