Energy and Utilities

Energy companies are faced with a proliferation of compliance oversight and reporting requirements from FERC (Federal Energy Regulation Commission), U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank Act).

The docAlpha smart process platform empowers energy/utility companies to manage complex regulatory mandates, and identify, control, and mitigate risks by achieving transparency across their documents, data and systems, while gaining efficiency by automating business processes.

Beyond compliance, docAlpha can help energy companies to improve responsiveness and enhance customer service by delivering instant access to data and documents, when and where they are needed.

The docAlpha smart process platform extracts information from documents and forms to automate processes, including:

  • R&D/Regulatory Affairs
  • Manufacturing/Quality Assurance
  • Customer Service/Billing/Collections

Manage Compliance and Achieve Instant Auditability

Globalization, deregulation, joint ventures and commodity pricing have dramatically changed the Energy & Utilities competitive landscape. From contractual reporting to health and safety oversight, auditors are demanding that contract administrators actively comply with industry standards and practices.

The docAlpha smart process platform can automate the process of capturing compliance documents and data, organizing everything and making it instantly accessible to any stakeholder. By automating workflow and approval processes based on captured data and documents, docAlpha boosts process transparency and delivers instant auditability.


Streamline Contract Approvals and Maintenance

Market demands, government policies and regulations, and increased compliance requirements drive the need for Energy & Utilities to optimize contract management processes to improve asset and resource utilization. With docAlpha, energy companies can digitize all contract- and compliance-related documents, extract relevant information, automate contract approvals, monitor for expiration dates and key deadlines for decisions and reduce decision cycle times.


Deliver Better Customer Service

docAlpha enables Energy & Utilities to automate and simplify their customer service, maintenance and billing processes related to service orders, meter maintenance, energy bills, utility bills and metered/ unmetered services. Wherever there are documents and data that drive customer-related processes, docAlpha delivers instant access to documents, data and decisions that enhances the customer experience while driving new levels of efficiency.