Both K-12 and higher education institutions are more data-driven and document-burdened than ever before. In an era where school funding is tied to measurable performance metrics and adherence to standards, and where the public demands 24x7 transparency, data capture technology platforms for schools, like docAlpha, can have a significant, positive impact on communication, compliance, and cost controls.

The docAlpha data and document capture software for schools allows simplified information extraction from forms to automate processes, including:

  • Student Information Management: Extract data from documents or forms intelligently and aggregate information for federal, state or local reporting automatically
  • Agenda Management: Automate the creation, assembly and distribution of agenda packets
  • Contract management: Capture contract data and documents, related compliance information and manage the entire process efficiently
  • Accounts payable: Reduce payables cycle times by 80% by automating data entry, approval routing and transaction creation
  • Human resources: Streamline applicant tracking and employee onboarding by capturing documents and data, routing information to the appropriate stakeholders and monitoring for process bottlenecks


  • Reduced labor costs — Maximize the productivity and performance of your staff and automate routine data entry and filing tasks
  • Reduced demand for physical space — Capture paper files electronically and comply with document retention policies digitally
  • Instant information access — Delivers documents and data securely, wherever and whenever it’s needed, to any stakeholder.
  • File protection — Protects against loss due to disasters, while critical data can still be kept on-site.
  • Instant auditability — Provide audit trails of documents, data and decisions supported by docAlpha.