Auto Manufacturing

Digital Transformation for the Auto Manufacturing

Auto manufacturers balance numerous functions in their daily operations, from compliance regulations to business functions. These processes rely on effective data management, and unfortunately, busy day-to-day processes can result in details getting lost. This is especially true if auto manufacturers use any paper-based systems.

Take charge of all your business data with data extraction and document management solutions from Artsyl Technologies.

Stay On Top With Artsyl Automation

Intelligent data extraction is the keystone of Artsyl’s software collection. This unique technology scans digital and scanned documents for data and translates that data into actionable values. Artsyl leverages this technology and combines it with automation, effectively introducing an automatic way of handling documents and data entry.

By partnering with Artsyl Technologies, auto manufacturing companies can automatically:

  • Handle paper and digital documents from multiple channels quickly and efficiently
  • Extract and verify relevant business and transaction data from documents
  • Monitor business processes to identify and eliminate bottlenecks

This automated system greatly improves data retention and utilization for auto manufacturers and brings numerous benefits to back-office processing for these businesses.

Artsyl Solutions Benefit Your Back Office

Artsyl’s docAlpha digital transformation platform provides intelligent data capture and validation combined with workflow automation and easy integration with ERP and ECM technologies. This system can automatically extract, classify, sort and file huge quantities of digital documents, bringing numerous benefits to your business, including:

  • Reduced Labor Costs: Automate basic data entry and document filing tasks, allowing staff to focus on complex functions.
  • Instant Access: With access documents instantly whenever and wherever you want, your reactivity and business visibility improves substantially.
  • Instant Auditability: Keep detailed audit trails of documents, data and decisions for compliance checks. With these benefits, your business can cut costs while improving other aspects of your business functionality.

How Artsyl Automation Can Improve Manufacturing Processes

By successfully automating back-office processes with workflow automation and data capture technology, auto manufacturers can boost efficiency in other areas, digitizing other documents like:

  • Contract Review: Circulate, collaborate and approve contracts faster
  • Work Orders: Receive notifications and access completed Work Order documents immediately
  • Engineering Change Orders: Streamline ECO approvals and create clear audit trails
  • Quality Control: Support corporate and compliance initiatives and audits such as World Class Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, ISO and more

Artsyl can also help your business automate other general back-office functions with our process-specific applications. These smart applications serve specific functions in your workflow automation, and include:

  • InvoiceAction: InvoiceAction is for accounts payable automation for auto manufacturers. This automated accounts payable software helps auto manufacturers by automating invoice processing and routing.
  • OrderAction: OrderAction automates sales order processing, streamlining data collection on orders while simultaneously reducing order times and tracking outstanding sales. With this tool, manufacturing companies can focus on the big picture.

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