Artsyl Launches Version 4.5 of docAlpha – Intelligent Document Recognition Solution with Classification, Data Extraction and Document Processing Capabilities

Artsyl Launches Version 4.5 of docAlpha – Intelligent Document Recognition Solution with Classification, Data Extraction and Document Processing Capabilities

Tighter integration of Artsyl's docAlpha Advanced Capture Platform for automated document and data capture with MaxxVault and MaxxCloud Document Management and Workflow make for a powerful solution for resellers to win business

September 15, 2014

Jeff Moore
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Vita Vassylyeva
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ONTARIO, CANADA (September 15, 2014) — Artsyl Technologies, a leader in document imaging and capture technologies, announced today the worldwide availability of docAlpha 4.5, the next generation of its IDR solution.

docAlpha automatically captures, classifies and processes structured and un-structured information in order to drive efficiency into any business process. docAlpha automates validation of business processes, reduces human errors and speeds business workflows.

docAlpha supports multi-channel capture of documents from virtually any source including desktop scanners, MFPs, email, fax and electronic file capture. Additionally docAlpha provides advanced classification thereby reducing the need to manually sort and handle documents throughout the process. With docAlpha’s capabilities to extract, validate and seamlessly integrate documents and data into a wide range of Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management and Database applications you can reduce costs, improve accuracy and speed your business processes dramatically.

Artsyl docAlpha 4.5 delivers production level classification and data extraction from documents via a highly flexible and expandable SOA architecture designed to meet the challenges of virtually any project — from small departmental tasks to larger enterprise-level initiatives. It allows customers to easily grow their docAlpha deployments as their needs and volumes evolve over time. A unique combination of ease-of-use, self-learning IDR technology, high scalability and open standards for customization and integration makes docAlpha one of the most state-of-the-art data capture offerings available today.

docAlpha 4.5 builds on the last 5 years of development in order to deliver even greater streamlined document processing while still providing a rapid ROI. Artsyl’s docAlpha 4.5 easily handles complex documents with wide open taxonomies, delivering highly accurate classification and data capture for any type of document including invoices with multiple pages and line item detail.

docAlpha 4.5 brings users a lot of powerful enhancements and new features including:

  • Multi-Tenant Support – Support for multi-tenant environments now allows docAlpha to be offered as an on-premise or CLOUD solution for all of your document and data-capture needs.
  • Localization – Support for English, Spanish, French and Russian validation and administrative userinterfaces
  • Improved User-Interface – Building on it’s already intuitive style the validation station UI is now more configurable. This feature allows users to show or hide buttons and arrange them in an order best suited for the type of processing the user needs.
  • Auto-Registration – Enhanced ability to register batches based on the number of pages rather than the number of documents captured. This feature facilitates better handling and processing of very large documents.
  • LotusNotes Import – Support for auto-import of documents from IBM LotusNotes email. Users can now capture inbound emails and process attachments, body text and meta-tags of the e-mails.
  • Enhanced Self-Learning - Auto-Find can support alternative positions for non-classification fields allowing for greater flexibility in capturing semi-structured fields. The new AutoFind also supports the ability to automatically learn the first line of a table without any administrative set-up.
  • New Table Wizard – New support for users to create Table Definitions using the Definition Wizard. A simple wizard guides users through the process of creating complex tables in minutes rather than days. Now even difficult documents like invoices with line item details capture can be set up easily.
  • Dynamic Batch Separation – New triggers allow for the dynamic splitting of batches into an unlimited number of child batches. This feature facilities routing of documents to needed participants in multi-user workflows and split the batches based on dynamically changing conditions.
  • Expanded Batch and Document Rules – Support for many new rules which can be applied either to the batch or individual documents for enhanced processing and validation.
  • Expanded Output Connectors – docAlpha now boasts additional connectors for ERP systems such as SAP Business One, Microsoft GP and AX, SYSPRO and expanded support for QuickBooks. Additionally docAlpha now supports additional ECM connectors for Hyland OnBase, EMC ApplicationXtender, Laserfiche, Cima DocuClass and MaxxVault

Availability and Pricing

Artsyl docAlpha 4.5 is available worldwide through Artsyl Value Added Resellers. For information on licensing options and pricing, contact your local Artsyl partner or Artsyl distributor. For more information about the product, visit docAlpha Page

About Artsyl Technologies, Inc.

Artsyl Technologies, Inc. is the innovative company behind the docAlpha Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) platform. For over 10 years Artsyl has been designing, building and innovating technology used by companies globally to reduce their document processing burdens. Whether you have Accounts Payable Invoices or Medical documents like Claims, EOBs or Patient Records docAlpha is designed to make their processing easy. docAlpha can be used in any business process to automate the classification, data extraction, validation and routing of mission critical information to its proper line-of-business application. docAlpha is a state-of-the-art IDR platform designed using Microsoft .NET and a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) which allows it to scale up for Enterprise level On-Premise deployment or be used as a CLOUD based SaaS solution. docAlpha is sold through distributors and VARs globally.

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