Success Story: Medical Research Initiatives Simplifies Medical Records Handling and Patient Scheduling with docAlpha

January 08, 2020

With docAlpha, Admin Staff Can Easily File Records, Schedule Procedures and Retrieve Patient Information Instantly

As an orthopedic surgery executive administrative assistant, Jennifer Simon is responsible for scheduling patient surgery and handling all of the documents and information to be input into the hospital system.

The database of patient records she maintains includes over 20,000 patient files, each which may include dozens of documents.

Read our new case study to learn more about how Simon transformed her department’s operations and transitioned to a digital process that allows her to instantly access and share information, thanks in part to a software solution that automates digitizing batches of medical records and organizes patient records for easy filing and access.

“All I have to do is search based on a patient’s health card number and all of their records pop up for reference,” Simon said, “It’s completely essential for the work I do.”

Simon says that beyond instant access to client records when she needs them, docAlpha helps to eliminate the need for paper document storage and retention, saving money while reducing effort.

At the same time, relying on digitized records means not having to bear the cost and inconvenience of storing and retaining paper files.

Having everything organized and accessible digitally also makes audits much simpler and easier to manage. When the College of Physicians conduct an audit, it’s easy to provide detailed records without having to rely on paper.

“I could archive a million files if I needed to,” Simon says, “And I would have confidence in my ability to manage and retrieve them using docAlpha and our digital system.”

To learn more about how docAlpha delivered a complete solution for digitizing critical documents and streamlined AP processes for Medical Research Initiaitves, read the full case study.


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