Artsyl at Appian World 2020 in Florida

February 25, 2020

Team Artsyl will be debuting at this year’s Appian World event in Florida! The annual event is a heavyweight among tech conferences, with industry experts, IT professionals, and Appian business partners from around the globe converging to discuss the future of low-code technology and intelligent automation for business transformation.

Artsyl extends automation for Appian users

Artsyl, a long time provider of Intelligent Document Capture (IDC), will exhibit how within an Appian workflow, process automation can be called to extract and validate data for document-based business processes such as Invoice, Customer Sales Orders, Remittances or statement reconciliations, which are highly utilized for ERP system transactions. No longer will these be siloed processes. The Artsyl-Appian integration enables the convergence of RPA, BPM and now IDC, and can be easily designed right into an Appian workflow from one platform.

Artsyl’s IDC automation BOTs eliminates the costly error-prone manual steps that forces business to apply resources to manually extract and validate data from documents outside of Appian before it can be utilized. The new Artsyl-Appian integration now converges this automation into one Appian work-flow setting new standards for speed, accuracy, and efficiency in automation, helping customers accelerate their business and benefit from accelerated document processing, higher data accuracy, and improved cash management

The four-day event boasts 112 sessions with seminars, presentations, trainings, and plenty of opportunities to network with industry experts and peers in the field. This is a fantastic platform for Artsyl to showcase its IDC automation offerings and also engage with the greater Appian community for insights on intelligent automation.

Connect with Artsyl

If you’re planning to attend, make sure to visit Team Artsyl at Booth #414 for an in-depth look at how Artsyl’s Appian powered IPA facilitates easy integrations and fast deployments for an enhanced process automation experience.

Alternatively, you can Schedule a Product Tour.


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