Document Capture Software

Document capture solutions can help you to get rid of the tedious and time-consuming process of manual data entry. It provides reducing cost, improving accuracy, and increasing the speed of documents capture and data entry. Automating document input workflows produces a quick, measurable ROI for any organization.

Artsyl document capture software - docAlpha - enable to reduce your manual data entry and save your time and money.

Capturing information from documents with Artsyl document capture products reduces human errors to a minimum and thus increases the data quality. Whether your documents are fixed, semi-structured or unstructured, the extraction of data contained in them can be automated to greatly reduce the data entry efforts.

Artsyl docAlpha is a fully automatic distributed document and data capture solution with advanced document classification. It makes possible to automatically capture, interpret and transfer information from fixed, structured, and semi-structured forms into document management systems, accounting systems, databases and other back-end systems. It is an ideal solution for capturing your mission-critical data from any document type such as invoices, purchase orders, medical claims and other. It dramatically reduces data entry costs by providing automated classification, document splitting and assembly as well as data extraction.