Shared Service Organizations

Smart Processes, Smarter Shared Services

According to recent Shared Services State of the Industry survey published by SSON, most centers focus on continuous process improvement and collaborative teamwork to drive performance, with technology playing a key role.

Shares Service Centers Organizations that partner with Artsyl and adopt smart process technology to automate their processes seek to achieve more than cost-cutting to maintain competitiveness.

Shared Service Organization clients achieve scalability and operational excellence through digital transformation and process automation. They are able to expand their operations efficiently while contributing in a more meaningful and impactful way to the business of their clients.

Artsyl’s docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform helps SSOs to achieve their goals by:
  • Eliminating inefficient, manual data entry to lower costs and reduce cycle times
  • Identifying and overcoming process bottlenecks through workflow automation
  • Delivering timely access to business data and process KPIs
  • Integrating with ERP, ECM and other business systems to fully automate processes like invoice processing, check remittances and sales order processing

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