ClaimAction - Medical Claims Processing Software for CMS 1500 and UB-04

Artsyl ClaimAction for Medical Claims

Arstyl - Medical Claims Processing Solution Artsyl ClaimAction package for medical claims processing is designed to capture, verify and route medical claim data to back-end systems without manual data entry. ClaimAction is pre-configured to capture every field from Professional claim forms (HCFA-1500, also known as CMS-1500) used by individual medical providers or suppliers, and from Institutional claim forms UB-04 (as well as the older standard UB-92) used by institutional providers such as hospitals.
Medical Claims Processing Automation with Artsyl ClaimAction
The latest release of ClaimAction 3.5 takes advantage of docAlpha distributed client-server architecture, with business rules for recognition, validation, and export of data configured in docAlpha.

ClaimAction eliminates costly, error-prone manual data entry and accelerates claim processing and delivers claim data to back-end systems in the HIPAA-compliant 837 data format.

ClaimAction Benefits
  •   Reduce processing time per form from minutes to seconds
      Reduce the overall cost of processing HCFA and UB forms
      Expect ROI in as little as 3-4 months
      Reduces the need for manual data entry
      Easy to deploy and use
      Increased accuracy compared to manual keying
      Pre-configured to handle many complex form variations
      Integrates out of the box with most practice management systems
      Merges paper and digital content seamlessly
      Centrally manage your business workflow
      Distribute and balance the workload

Process Automatically
2 Million Medical Claims a
Month with ClaimAction

“Using Artsyl ClaimAction our first client was in production within a few months. They’ve successfully been using their solution to process approximately two million medical claims, containing eight million pages a month. FVTech’s identification rate for UB04s has grown from zero percent to 85 or 90 percent,” - said Jose Dias from Future Vision.

Dias and his group conducted rigorous regression testing with ClaimAction using existing test sets with known problems so that they could test the product against a baseline. “We evaluated ClaimAction and evaluated it against existing systems and found that the performance results were comparable to or exceeded the other solutions that were out there,” - said Jose Dias from Future Vision.

Increase Healthcare
Claim Processing
by 40% or more with
Artsyl ClaimAction

“ClaimAction reduced our keying needs by 50 percent for that second keying,” according to Bobby Snyder, assistant vice president of MDI’s claims department. “It saved us a body or two per week, and we have more accuracy without an additional resource drain. Its been working great,” said Mr. Snyder from MDI.

By integrating Artsyl’s ClaimAction™, a highly accurate and fast claims processing solution for extracting data from HCFA, UB92 and UB04 paper medical claims, MDI was able to reduce the keying time of claims, as well as the human resources needed to do so. With that, they were able to increase their volume by 40 percent without adding staff.
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