Digital Transformation

With productivity gains lagging for organizations worldwide, companies of all sizes are looking to digital transformation as an approach to gain efficiency and achieve a competitive edge.

There are four areas of focus that can help organizations jump start their digital transformation initiatives in order to lower costs, drive revenue growth and increase profitability.

1. Focus on intelligence to drive strategy

In many organizations, finance is leading the digital transformation charge. Finance has the opportunity to truly transform their businesses by helping to design and implement effective systems to provide information and analysis to better inform decisions related to these key areas of risk and opportunity. With more timely access to accurate data, EVERY department in your organization can make better business decisions that are aligned with corporate strategic goals.

2. Drive growth while cutting costs

Companies focused on Digital Transformation are prioritizing finance KPIs and reporting strategies to fuel data-driven decision-making. Digital transformation can support this effort by helping to transform both structured (e.g. data in your ERP) and unstructured data (e.g. documents, emails) into knowledge to provide better visibility to business performance.

3. Lay the Groundwork for Ongoing Innovation

Finance executives strongly believe digital transformation will have a big impact on their function. They are starting their journey by putting their data house in order, laying the groundwork for future digital initiatives. Concurrently, they are moving to adopt advanced analytics and other new tools and technologies to capitalize on that data.

4. Empower Existing Staff & Hire New Talent

According to the Hackett Group survey, only 35% of companies surveyed believed they had the right talent to execute a digital transformation strategy. To bridge the gap between vision and execution, finance leaders need to adopt a strategic approach to workforce planning and talent development.

How Artsyl Can Help

Partnering with Artsyl allows you to:

  • Quickly transform your existing data and documents into intelligence to drive strategy. Our docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform intelligently classifies documents and extracts relevant data to support data-driven business decisions.
  • Grow your business while cutting costs by automating manual processes like AP invoice approvals, sales order processing, check remittances and more. Our applications like InvoiceAction and OrderAction allow firms to quickly and cost-effectively automate to lower costs while delivering timely access to critical business data.
  • Get started on a path towards digital transformation and process improvement by tackling processes like AP or O2C, demonstrating a fast ROI and building the framework for transforming other departmental processes.
  • Empower existing staff and attract new talent by allowing employees to leverage their skills and expertise rather than wasting time on routing, repetitive tasks. Companies that innovate and offer a better work experience attract better talent and can further accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Learn More About Artsyl’s docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform and Smart Process Applications

  • Discover how docAlpha can become the engine of your firm’s digital transformation
  • Explore how smart process applications can accelerate your automation goals
    • InvoiceAction for AP Invoice Automation
    • OrderAction for Sales Order Automation
    • ClaimAction for Medical Claim Automation